Welcome from the Chair

Dear Colleagues,
We cordially invite you to attend the 19th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry (19th ESFC), which will be held at the University of Warsaw (Poland) in the last week of August 2019.

The event will cover all aspects of organic and inorganic fluorine chemistry, fluorous technologies, as well as the hot topic of halogen bonding, while spanning energy applications, sustainable processes, biomedicine, crystal engineering, nanotechnology, materials science, physics insights into fluorine-bearing systems, and more.

The meeting will be special for Polish scientific community, since the Polish Chemical Society will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Accordingly, the 19th ESFC will serve as a key satellite event to the 62nd Polish Chemical Society Symposium, to be held in Warsaw on Sep 2-6, 2019.

Similarly as fluorine shows its outstanding capabilities only when connected to other chemical elements, the fluorine chemistry is deeply immersed in the chemical mainstream. And as each community evolves, grows, and rejuvenates, we hope to bring to the meeting also those for whom fluorine is not necessarily in daily use in their research work but who appreciate the unique possibilities it offers.

We have prepared quite a few surprises for the attendees and we hope that the social program of the meeting, and particularly CCC, will meet your expectations.

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw!
Prof. Wojciech Grochala
Chairman of 19th ESFC